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Image of HIGHTIME - Mother Crab Digipak CD

HIGHTIME - Mother Crab Digipak CD

Adelaide party punk band Hightime served up some of the most fun, heartdriven and diverse songs in Australian punk rock when they released their highly acclaimed debut album "Ishi Prende" late 2011. Featuring 14 new tracks, their "Mother Crab" album is the result of the band continuing to push its own musical boundaries in the name of creativity whilst still having as much fun as possible.
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Track Listing:
1. Madre Cangrejo
2. Tear Us Apart
3. Beast
4. Splitside
5. Make The Save
6. Turn It Around
7. In Dust
8. Live Fast
9. The Fever
10. Money Hog
11. Nothing Wasted
12. Eat A Dick Dale
13. 389
14. Promised Land